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Focus on Training - September 2020

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Focus on Training - September 2020 As many of us return from summer leave, this is an ideal time to focus on your resettlement plans. CTP have a range of virtual Employment events giving you the opportunity to chat with Employers and ask about the skills and experience they are seeking. It is also an ideal opportunity to ask about resettlement training that would benefit your existing skills and experience. Don’t forget that your Career Consultant is also available to discuss resettlement training with you. 

Have you considered the benefits of Virtual Classroom Training?

Many CTP vocational training courses will continue to be delivered by virtual classroom until 2021. This gives an excellent opportunity to attend training and complete exams from your preferred location, without the need to travel. 

Feedback from recent attendees:

"Having done many military courses, the delivery of this was excellent and in most cases better than classroom tuition. Online training is much better than being required to travel to different parts of the country.’
‘I am glad the training was delivered in this way, I personally found it much more enjoyable and preferable to being in a classroom. The flexibility to walk around, make a cup of tea etc enhanced the experience. I would recommend this model for the future if possible."

"I preferred the way it was delivered over webcam as this allowed to work from home and I found with being in my own environment I was able to take a lot more in. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone leaving the armed forces."

"I think remote learning from home is much better than travelling back to the UK, living in transit accommodation etc. I enjoyed the experience of learning in comfort."

Our virtual courses simply require access to a laptop or pc with a microphone and webcam. Some courses such as IT training will benefit from access to a 2nd screen or monitor. 

To find out more about places on a range of upcoming Virtual Classroom and our other classroom based courses, please click here

Reminder regarding our new courses launched in August 2020

For those who have been on leave, you may have missed the launch of our two new courses:
  • Drone Piloting Level 4 Diploma
  • Developing & Managing a Business with an Online Presence
Click here for further information on these new additions to the CTP Training programme.