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Video CVs – How to get them right

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Video CVs – How to get them right
Video CVs - why is everyone talking about them?

Well, as a result of the changed job market the pandemic has left us with, recruitment has become more dependent on technology than ever before. And one way you can showcase how you’ve adapted to this new technology-driven world, is to create a video CV? While it might not be suitable for every application, it could help highlight your creativity and innovation when applying for roles where these qualities are essential.

Here are some key things to consider:

Why use one When a video CV is relevant, it can better highlight your personality and communication skills. These traits can of course be mentioned in a written CV, but using video will help you showcase your qualities more effectively. Be yourself, be friendly and treat it as if you’re talking directly to an interviewer – sell yourself!

Length of the video It’s commonly agreed that a video CV should be no longer than 3 minutes. Any longer and you may lose the attention of the viewer. And remember, the first 30 seconds are most important; if you fail to grab their attention immediately you might lose the opportunity. So be sure to look at the camera on the screen/phone – not yourself on screen. That way you’re looking directly at the person who will be viewing it. This helps create engagement and rapport.

Setting Think about your background. When creating your video CV, you want to be in a well-lit room, with nothing distracting in the background and no interruptions. Ensure that you’re the focus of the video, as you would if attending a virtual interview. Plus, if you’re comfortable in your surroundings, you’re likely to feel more confident and perform better during your recording.

Content Develop your CV like a story, with a clearly defined structure: beginning, middle and end. Having a format in place and knowing exactly what you’re going to say will ensure that your video remains clear and concise; highlighting your key skills and qualities in a professional and organised way. We recommend you practise saying it loud, record and review a few times. Ask someone else to give feedback, and so send the best version of yourself off to the employer. First impressions last.

Technology is paving the way for a new working environment, whereby face-to-face, in-person interaction is no longer necessary all the time. And employers and recruiters want to see candidates who are capable of adapting to and thriving in this new reality.

So why not give a video CV a try, with the support of your CTP Career Consultant, and show off your creative side? Have a look at the Interview Simulator on MyPlan, and look at the top hints and tips available for all types of interview.