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Robin Gustar's Amazon experience

Category: Tips and Advice

Robin Gustar's Amazon experience What did you do in the military?/What was your last role in the Military?
In the military I was a communication specialist responsible for providing communication through in service radios systems, on exercise and operations, and assisting in the management of IT when in barracks. My last role was a Regimental Signals Warrant Officer.

Why did you apply to Amazon?
My role in the military saw me provide a service to the organisation I served with and I thought I could continue this with Amazon and serve the customer. I’m a highly energetic, driven and determined individual, thus felt Amazon was the perfect place to put these qualities to good use. During my resettlement, I attended a CTP Career Fair, which really gave me the chance to see the variety of companies & roles. I also attended an Amazon Insight day to get a better understanding of Operations.

What role are you doing?
My official employment is as the Area Manager for ‘Pick’ in a Fulfillment Centre, however I am currently operating as an Operations manager.

How did you find the recruitment process? Any advice for candidates?
I found the recruitment process absolutely brilliant. From the outset everything was made incredibly clear. One key difference I found between Amazon and other employers I was engaging with, was the amount of support on offer from the Amazon team and the clarity they offered throughout the recruitment process.

What have you learnt in your time at Amazon?
There’s too much to list! But in a good way. There is so much to learn from day one. Nothing is ever overwhelming and there is always someone to help. Although it’s a lot of learning, the skills we already have in leadership and management really help to get you ahead of the curve.

What has been the biggest difference between the Military & Amazon?
The freedom to make a difference. I always found in the military it was difficult to implement change. You either had to be a certain rank or carve your way through so much red tape. But with Amazon everyone can make a difference and this is made clear clear through some our principles, such as Think Big, Dive Deep, Learn and Be Curious as well as many more!

What was your onboarding experience like?
I found the whole onboarding process well organized and just right to bring me into Amazon; it really helps you become part of the Amazon culture and family. Learn by Doing was key to this - learning the Amazon way with other likeminded new joiners from across Europe was fascinating and incredibly insightful.

What piece of advice would you give to Service Leavers in Resettlement?
Do your research, leverage your network to find out about roles and opportunities, prepare for your interviews and make use of the resources available to you through the CTP.