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Our top tips for approaching the job application process

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Our top tips for approaching the job application process Last month, our Career Consultants provided some brilliant advice on how you can better find the right job(s) for your skill-set and experience. This month, with all that valuable information to hand, we’d now like to talk about the best way to approach the application process.

Tailor your application

When applying for a job, make sure you read and fully understand the job specification. This way, you’ll easily be able to identify and highlight how your qualities match what the employer is looking for; enabling you to effectively align your application directly to the role.

Also, never send out a generic CV as this might suggest a lack of interest on your behalf. Remember - employers want candidates who are genuinely eager to work for their organisation, and so taking the time to provide a relevant and tailored application can go a long way in helping to secure you an interview.

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Enthusiasm and body language

Once you’ve secured and are attending an interview you’ll want to ensure that you stand out from the crowd, and a great way to do this is by showing enthusiasm throughout the meeting. Lean forward to show interest, smile to build a rapport and nod to show that you’re listening and understand what the interviewers are saying.

All of the above, combined with enthusiasm in your answers and well-thought-out questions regarding the position and company will help to showcase your interest in the role, the organisation and the interviewers themselves – flattery sometimes really is the best policy.

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Be yourself:

Finally, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Once you’ve secured an interview, you can rest assured in knowing that you have the skills and experience that the employer is looking for – so there’s absolutely no need to question or worry about your qualification for the role.

The interviewers will now want to assess whether you align with your prospective colleagues and the organisational values on a personal level. With this in mind, you can focus your energy on simply being yourself and allowing your personality to shine through. This’ll highlight the values and personality traits that you’ll be bringing to the business and hopefully show that you’re the best person for the job.

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