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LinkedIn: key aspects of a powerful profile

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LinkedIn: key aspects of a powerful profile Whilst the process of job hunting has certainly changed during the course of the pandemic, now is a great time to improve your online presence. Thankfully, social media makes recruiters and employers more accessible than ever, and LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful tool at your disposal when trying to connect and network with employers.

And having a powerful profile that really sells you as a precious commodity in the employment market, will go a long way to helping you enjoy a successful transition. The better your profile, the more likely employers and recruiters are to directly approach you regarding opportunities.

So here’s 4 key things to consider when creating or reviewing your profile

Aim for 50 connections as a base for your network
The bigger your network, the easier you are to find. Plus, the more people in your network, the greater your chances of discovering a potential opportunity merely through talking with your connections. Start with the people you know best, then who do they know? Who else have you worked alongside?

An engaging Professional Headline should highlight your value as a potential employee.
You’ve got 120 characters to work with so make each one count, although if you use the App, you’ll have more characters available. LinkedIn will automatically populate this with the first job title in your Career History. Is this what you want? Remember to highlight your skills, expertise and experience by listing your keywords and skills in order of importance.

Use keywords throughout your profile to highlight your key qualifications and skills.
Identify the industry or role you’d like to work in, and then utilise related keywords throughout your profile. Remember, a well optimised profile will help you stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to go in search of people who are working in a role/industry that you want to work in. What does their LinkedIn profile look like? What words are they using? Utilise the ‘About’ section to really speak to the reader directly. Explain who you are, what you can offer, how you can add value and what you’re looking for.

Aim for at least 3 recommendations from your colleagues, past and present.
Feel free to suggest the skills or characteristics you’d like them to highlight, especially if you’re targeting a specific role or industry. This is a great way for recruiters and employers to understand how you influence those around you in a working environment.

If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn and best practice, your CTP Career Consultant is available to offer guidance and support. And you can always check out resources on MyPlan.