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CTP Employment Team – The Inside View

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CTP Employment Team – The Inside View The CTP Employment Team provides support for employers with local and national vacancies. You might term these employers as ‘Forces Friendly’ as they actively seek to recruit ex-military job seekers for a variety of reasons. Before any company have had the opportunity to advertise on RightJob, there is a discussion between the Employment Team and the Employer to establish expectations and an understanding of the client cohort - establishing that they specifically want ex-military staff.

Demand for Service leavers and ex-military job seekers does ebb and flow with market influences, and this was very evident when Covid-19 had its initial impact. Almost overnight there was a general freeze on recruitment across the UK. The Employment team established which employers were still actively recruiting and who had suspended activity altogether. From approximately 2000 listings at the beginning of March 2020, we were left with just a few hundred by early April.

Since January 2021 we’ve seen demand for ex-military personnel triple. Having got back to around 2000 listings posted on RightJob in January, today we regularly exceed 6000 listings targeted specifically towards the ex-military job seeker. How long will this last? Well, while we can’t forecast the trends in the market with any certainty, we can move with them and ensure we deliver the best possible selection of roles available, from companies actively seeking you as an employee.

All we ask of any job seeker is “help us to help you!” How can you do that?

The profile that you create in RightJob, our online job portal, tells us when you’re available, where you wish to be employed (by region), what industries you wish to target and what skills you will utilise to secure future employment. These 4 key pieces of information, backed by some of the subsidiary points in the profile, create a pathway for us to notify you of the following things:

Employment Fairs Every year we promote our Employment Fairs as an excellent way for employers to engage one-to-one with those leaving the Services. Last year we had record numbers of exhibitors at our events and the feedback from employers was extremely positive. In normal times we host 9 events per year across the UK, as physical venue-based activities. However, under Covid-19 restrictions, we’ve delivered at least one virtual activity every month since March 2020.

Insight Events Where employers host an event for our Service leavers and veterans at the employer premises. Again, these events are usually held physically, but during Covid-19 we’ve used technology in order to continue providing opportunities for employers to engage with you as a job seeker, virtually.

Live Chat A tool for employers who wish to use the text-based chat facility to discuss careers and opportunities. Live Chat allows you to have that one-to-one text-based conversation with employers, where you can get the answers to questions quickly and effectively.


We do our best to provide the best insights into industries and regions. This is through the Guides area of the CTP website, feeding intelligence through both the Industry Sector Guides and Regional Bulletins. There’s also the Focus newsletter that is sent to your inbox every month: filled with jobs, events, news updates and success stories - all taken from our work and brought together in interactive e-mail for you.

No two days are the same. We could be speaking about Transport and Logistics in one event, and then Engineering and Health and Safety in the next. We constantly strive to provide access to and engagement with companies across the UK and overseas; bringing those connections into the view of all active job seekers.

Who are the Employer Engagement Team?

Employer Relationships Managers (ERMs).

Scotland Elaine Middleton
North East Emma Wilkinson
Yorks and Humber John Thornton
North West Shaun Whaites
East Midlands David Hornsey
West Midlands Bryan Alexander
East of England Trudy Reilly
London & South East Suzanne Deller
South Currently Gapped
South West Jo Lucas
Wales & West Sarah Stafford
Northern Ireland Shannon Woulahan