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4 Tips To Knowing If A Company Is The Right Fit For You

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4 Tips To Knowing If A Company Is The Right Fit For You Accepting a new role also means accepting a way of life at work. Being comfortable and in alignment with the company culture is often a critical factor in determining your own satisfaction and future potential within the organisation. And so doing your homework on a business should be a priority as you conduct your transition into civilian employment – ensuring you have a clear picture of how the organisation is run and whether it matches what you’re looking for in an employer.

Here are 4 tips to help you gauge a company's culture:

1. Network with current and former employees Once you've identified a company of interest to you, use LinkedIn to reach out to its employees - current and former - and simply ask what their experience of working there is/was and for them to describe the company culture. This is a great way to get an honest insight into how a company operates, especially from those who no longer work there, as they have no incentive to sugar-coat anything!

2. Listen to what is said about the company Have they been featured in a news article recently, or received any awards? If a company is regularly showcased in a positive light by the media, and is being rewarded for their work, chances are they're a good company to work for. The Business Culture Award is one to watch out for, and is a clear signifier of a company operating with a healthy workplace culture.

3. Make the most of our website The Employer Focus page has microsites for all the employers we regularly engage with, offering top tips and advice on their application methods as well as an insight into the company itself. In the ‘Career Advice’ section of myCareerPath, you’ll also find in-depth industry reports on the sectors we work with that can supplement your research through the Employer Focus page.

4. Keep an eye out when attending interviews Being invited for an in-person interview is likely your best chance to gain a first-hand look into a company's culture. Were the receptionists and interviewers welcoming towards you? Do the employees appear friendly and energised when interacting with each other? Is there any literature or posters around the common spaces to suggest the company promotes social/out-of-hours events? If the answer to all the above is 'yes', you're likely on to a winner.

As you transition from the military into civilian employment, it’s important that you find an organisation that aligns with what you’re looking for to form the next stage of your career. We understand that it’ll likely be very different from the military, but with the right culture in place, a civilian employer can make a great place for you to settle and grow.

Check out the CTP website to find a list of current opportunities with forces friendly employers who we have long-standing relationships with – all of whom have been vetted and identified as offering a great place to work for Service leavers.