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My journey into a successful career with Indigo

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My journey into a successful career with Indigo I left the Army in 2008 at the rank of Sergeant following 12 years as a Royal Signals Installation Technician. Family priorities caused me to take stock of my career in the Army, and although I was enjoying my career to that point, my family was not enjoying service life. I opted to leave and registered with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP); attending the 3-day Career Transition Workshop (CTW) shortly afterwards.

The workshop was invaluable to help me prepare for the leap into civvie-street. CV preparation & interview techniques were a welcome element of the course. Even back in 2008 the workshop discussed interview techniques over Skype (pre-Zoom and MS Teams), perhaps foreseeing that this would become the norm in today’s COVID-19 environment! One of the most valuable elements of the CTW was the chance to interact with fellow Service leavers and take ideas on how they were approaching the leaving process.

Following my time with the Royal Signals, I decided to pursue a career in the telecoms industry, and so I opted to attend resettlement training where I had the opportunity to transfer my Army qualifications into the civilian equivalent. However, the most valuable part of it was the 6-week on-the-job training.

I joined an Irish based Telecommunications company in October 2008; a week after my discharge date. I spent 10 years there – 5 years as a Telecoms Rigger before getting the opportunity to move into Health and Safety where the company offered the opportunity to attend University and gain the necessary qualifications. In 2018 I joined Indigo Telecoms as Safety Manager for the Irish division before moving into my current role as Head of Safety for the Group.

My advice for Service leavers based on my experience would be:

  1. Engage with CTP a vital first step.
  2. Don’t get too hung up on qualifications. Of course, baseline qualifications are important, but most good employers will provide all the training you need, while on-the-job experience is just as valuable.
  3. Don’t be disheartened at the possibility of having to take a step back in terms of seniority when you join a civilian company. Lack of commercial experience in most industries will hinder all Service leavers to start with. But with the right attitude, you’ll likely progress quickly.
  4. Don’t get blinkered into following the career path you have initially chosen. Look around for other opportunities and areas of interest. Again, most good employers will encourage career development so take advantage of it.

If you think you’d be the right fit for Indigo, and all the above excites you, please head over to the CTP’s online job portal, RightJob to find our latest vacancies.