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CTP Success Story - Supporting Matt on his Resettlement journey

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CTP Success Story - Supporting Matt on his Resettlement journey Matt left the Royal Marines after serving for 10 years. Having taken the time to reflect on his personal situation, as well as the lack of opportunities available to him within the Royal Marines, Matt decided it was time for a change – and the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) were more than happy to offer invaluable resettlement support.

"While I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie and ability to challenge myself throughout my time with the Royal Marines, having a lack of control over my career and where I was being posted to next simply wasn’t conducive with my growing family; and I no longer wanted to spend so much time away from home without proper Operational incentive."


Once registered with the CTP, Matt attended a 3-day Career Transition Workshop (CTW) as well as a variety of CompTia cybersecurity training courses, including A+, N+, S+ and Cysa. This enabled Matt to enhance his existing skillset and ensure he was well equipped to compete for civilian roles.

"The CTW I attended was very useful, and I found the CV writing and LinkedIn segments particularly helpful. The CompTia courses all offered really good value, especially the network and security course which was excellent both in terms of content and delivery."

Matt then goes on to talk about the CTP website, and how his CTP Career Consultant, Donnah Milner, was an invaluable source of support throughout his career transition:

"Donnah provided excellent support and advice on everything from CVs and applications to courses and networking. Donnah was also hugely influential in sculpting the way I went about my applications and job search.

"I made time to use MyPlan on the CTP website, which was useful in helping me organise and plan a step-by-step approach to my resettlement."

Successful Outcome

We’re pleased to share that Matt is now a Police Student Officer with Greater Manchester Police:

"I applied for the role when the recruitment window opened on their website. It was quite a lengthy process that required a lot of rehearsal and research beforehand, all of which Donnah was more than happy to help with. I’m now utilising all the presentation, administration, teamwork, leadership and time management skills I developed during my time in the Royal Marines – highlighting the wealth of transferable skills that my time in the military provided me with."


As a final piece of advice to fellow Service leavers, Matt says:

"Fully engage with the process and be relentless in your pursuit of information, training opportunities and networking events. You cannot wait for these things to come to you."

If you’d like to find out more about the wealth of training courses available through the CTP, please click here.