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Seven Reasons To Build Your Career with Ultimate Performance

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Seven Reasons To Build Your Career with Ultimate Performance As the world’s leading personal training business, operating across four continents, we can offer you incredible career opportunities that no other fitness business can.

Ultimate Performance is a business where your skills and work ethic are valued, your hard work is incentivised, and the results you achieve are richly rewarded.

We offer you a level of support, training, education and ongoing personal development in a collaborative team environment that is unparalleled in the industry.

With a strong culture and career structure in place, you have a platform to excel. And there is huge scope for you to quickly rise through the ranks and explore opportunities on and off the gym floor, as the business continues to expand across the globe.

Here are seven reasons why Ultimate Performance is a great place to build a dynamic, exciting and fulfilling career with a business that is changing the face of the fitness industry.

1. Build a unique career

As the world’s only global personal training business, Ultimate Performance has created a unique career path in the fitness industry for ambitious and driven trainers.

You can grow a long-term career that allows you to see the world and experience new cultures, where you can be a part of our expansion of private personal training gyms to exciting new countries across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

If you have the ability and interest, you can explore new opportunities on and off the gym floor in a myriad of ways; including education, publishing, marketing, technology, research and development.

2. Master your craft

As a trainer at Ultimate Performance, you’re free to focus on mastering your craft and becoming the absolute best you can be.

Unlike independent trainers, there’s no sales, no marketing or no looking over your shoulder. Everything is rooted in delivering results and a return on investment for your clients.

With a collaborative environment and a team of experts alongside you sharing a common purpose, your career has genuine meaning. No more feeling bored on the gym floor or trapped in a job trading time for money.

So whether you’re a junior just starting out or a long-serving senior professional, every day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to make a real difference to your clients’ lives.

3. Be part of a team

You’re always part of a team when you join Ultimate Performance. We’re a million miles away from the dominant business model of the lone freelance trainer only out for themselves. We have a mission and share a common goal.

When you succeed, it reflects on everyone around you in your team. There is no competing for clients.

Our collaborative ethos and collective knowledge in the team are our greatest strengths at Ultimate Performance. And we support you in every way we can to excel in your role, fulfil your potential as a fitness professional and deliver exceptional results for clients.

4. Experience world-class education

Your education and development never stop at Ultimate Performance.

We give you the tools, the knowledge and the platform to master your craft and excel as a results-producing trainer.

We don’t hire in managers – we invest heavily in developing our personnel and build our senior leaders from the ground up, working alongside and learning from the world’s leading experts.

The level of support, mentorship, training and development you get with us is unparalleled in the fitness industry.

All this means you have a defined route to progression from the moment you walk through our doors to build a truly rewarding career.

5. A clear path to progress

The path to success is mapped out for you. There is a clear structure to progress, and junior trainers can rapidly advance through the ranks to senior management, while exploring alternative careers off the gym floor too.

To progress, trainers must demonstrate evidence of results and prove the value they have delivered for the client. Our world-leading systems, technology and data mean ambitious trainers have all they need to excel, and the business can see when they go above and beyond for the client.

Trainers’ results and success are richly rewarded through our unique incentivisation structure.

As well as monthly gym performers awards, our Trainer of the Year award recognises the leading results-producing trainers across the company with a six-figure bonus scheme.

6. Innovative use of technology

We give trainers the tools and technology they need to become truly world-class professionals.

We’ve even created an app that enables our trainers to track every critical metric of progress and take data-led decisions that achieve results that no one else can.

This isn’t just a white-label app created by a tech developer for general fitness businesses. We’ve built this ourselves alongside our in-house technology team of 30 engineers, developers and UX experts.

7. Revolutionising the industry

We’ve always been at the cutting-edge of the personal training industry, and we’re now forging ahead with research and development that is shaping the future of fitness and will change the way the world views health.
We’re the only training company in the world working on collaborative research projects with the likes of Cambridge University, as well as funding our own ground-breaking studies in partnership with the University of California.

Ultimate Performance is the voice of authority in the personal training industry. We’re the natural home for personal trainers who are serious about fitness, committed to delivering life-changing results and want to build lasting and fulfilling careers.

Your next step to a world-class career!

Ultimate Performance is looking to recruit the highest calibre of personal training candidates to help drive our global expansion, and are working closely with Career Transition Partnership to provide Service leavers with direct access to a career with us.

You can find out more about your career with Ultimate Performance, and see the exciting career opportunities we’re recruiting for right now across the globe on our website, or below via CTP’s online job portal, RightJob: