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Protect military capability: support UK prosperity

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Protect military capability: support UK prosperity Where

Based in the MOD Main Building, Whitehall, (note additional location detailed in ‘who’) Capability Protection is a mixed military and civilian team of 12; several of the latter are ex-military.


Implementing effective Capability Protection, the collective term for those activities undertaken as part of the acquisition process to safeguard military capability, serves two distinct purposes. Firstly, it protects UK Armed Forces on operations by minimising the risk of them being overmatched through unintended exposure of capability. Secondly, it helps to maximise exportability and realise tangible benefits for UK prosperity, by mitigating risks of sensitive technology being exploited by military adversaries or commercial competitors. Half the team, supporting each of the Commands, represents the views of capability owners by providing technical and military advice on industry export licence applications for military equipment; acting to ensure that sensitive capabilities and technologies are not exported when this might be to the detriment of our own forces. At the same time, we actively support responsible exports which contribute to UK prosperity, working with industry to create pathways to exportability.


The Capability Protection Air post is vacant and we’re looking for the right person to take on the role, working with HQ Air Command to protect UK capability as well as related defence industries to create pathways to exportability. Do you have knowledge of the air domain, a range of experience working in or with Military Commands, a sound understanding of air capabilities and technologies, or evidence of related transferrable knowledge and skills? If so, we need you.

This knowledge, coupled with good interpersonal skills to build and maintain effective relationships across a broad range of stakeholders, will enable you to protect colleagues on operations by ensuring that only responsible exports of military goods are allowed. You’ll be expected to spend time in London and HQ Air Command, as well as other Defence and industry establishments, although there will also be opportunities to work from home.


This is a very worthwhile and rewarding job with plenty of variation and opportunities to work with people across Defence and industry. Service leavers are well suited to the role because of their accumulated knowledge, skills, and experience. Benefits include inner London allowance, 30 days annual leave, and opportunities for personal/career development (two people, in similar roles to the Air desk, have recently been promoted).
Advertisement: You can find an overview of the position on the Career Transition Partnership’s online job portal RightJob N451783, which includes a link to the full advertisement on Civil Service Jobs (202675) through which you need to apply. Please email Simon Tenison or get in touch on 020 7218 5191 to find out more about this opportunity.

Case study

A Service leaver joined the team last year after retiring from the military in December 2020, interviewing in January 2021, and then receiving a formal offer two weeks later. One year on, they’re well established within the team and advise HQ StratCom on protection of capabilities used in the joint domain such as communications systems, C-IED and non-kinetic Counter-UAV systems; as well as dealing with several capabilities including Starstreak, NLAW and various non-lethal systems like body armour and vehicles, exported to Ukraine in recent weeks. It’s no doubt that their Service career directly contributed to their ability to settle in and succeed so quickly.