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Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) Specialist Policing. Who We Are & What We Do

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Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) Specialist Policing. Who We Are & What We Do Join our Force with a difference…

We deliver unique specialist policing, to protect UK Defence capability and national infrastructure: sites, people, assets and local communities.

With specialist police firearms training from the outset of your career with us, and lots of opportunities to further develop in specialist roles, the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) could offer you far more than you might first imagine. You can also work for the MDP in a civilian role, whether that’s in IT, Finance, procurement or HR. Please see the Civil Service website for advertised vacancies.

People join us from all walks of life and we welcome Service leavers with their wealth of relevant skills, abilities and experiences. A career in the MDP could be the perfect career transition for you, offering the opportunity for you to continue working in a role that supports UK national security. You’ll learn new skills and liaise with a range of policing and security partners, professional bodies and teams, in and outside the wire.

About Ministry of Defence Police

Who we are

  • The Ministry of Defence Police, more commonly known as the MOD Police or the MDP
  • A national civilian police force, serving Defence and other UK government departments and US Visiting Forces
  • A specialist police Force, with the majority of our officers deployed as Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs)

Did you know?

  • We are not a Home Office Police Force, but we do work closely with colleagues in local police services to protect the wider communities that we serve together. We can also be called upon to provide mutual aid and specialist policing support.
  • We are not ‘military police’ – unlike our service police colleagues, with whom we work closely, our officers’ jurisdiction extends outside the Defence estate and we have full powers and privileges of constables, identical to other civil police officers in the UK.
  • Although our work is primarily focused on armed security and guarding of sensitive sites and assets, there is much more that we do. This includes a range of specialisms from dog handling to marine policing, from Crime Command to Public Order, from Defence community policing to protester removal.
  • All MDP officers must be prepared to carry a firearm and as part of your training you must successfully complete the MDP firearms training course.
  • The majority of MDP posts are armed policing roles, but our specialisms also include unarmed duties, for example in Crime Command, on Project Servator deployments and in various community policing scenarios.
  • Counter terrorism policing is a major part of our role and we can, and have been, called upon as part of the national armed policing response to major incidents.
  • Our policing mission is supported by around 260 civilian staff, in a range of roles from finance to HR, from procurement to Control Room operators, from Fleet Management to station administrators, from kennel assistants to business managers.


From the Scottish Highlands to the South West coast, our officers and civilian staff are based at defence and national infrastructure sites of critical importance, across the UK. These include Faslane and Coulport on the Clyde, the Atomic Weapons Establishment sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield, Portsmouth and Devonport naval bases, US visiting Forces bases, Defence munition establishments and various other Defence sites such as Defence HQ in Whitehall.

Diversity and inclusion

We support, recognise and nurture the talents and skills of all staff from all backgrounds and are committed to continue building an organisation that is representative of the diverse communities that we serve.

To find out more about a career with the MDP, visit

CTP Online MDP Information Event & Recruitment Opportunities

To find out more and speak with PC Rachel Rigby & other ex-military staff now with the MDP, please join us for the CTP’s online forum event from 11am on 23rd September 2021 where we’ll be delivering a short presentation around how the MDP operate followed by a Q&A session. Link to the event.

The MDP are opening up recruitment this Autumn with registrations of interest taking place between 20th September – 10th October 2021. To receive a notification for recruitment please visit our website.

Alternatively the vacancy is also live on CTP’s online job portal, Rightjob - MOD Police Constable - Authorised Firearms Officers, Various Locations, £23,541.00 - £39,074.00 + N387477