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Partner Career Support Programme - Expanded and Extended

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Partner Career Support Programme - Expanded and Extended We are delighted to launch the expansion of the Partner Career Support Programme (PCSP), the MoD’s pilot to help Partners understand and plan their own career path. It is now open to Partners of personnel who are currently in resettlement, have submitted notice or are within their last 2 years. 

Resettlement can be a time of transition for the whole family and we are excited to offer support to Partners who may be looking to develop in their current career or change career paths entirely. Once your partner registers for the programme, they’ll have access to a wide range of bespoke support encompassing:

  • Career coaching delivered by our career consultants – helping them identify suitable career opportunities
  • Support from personal career consultant – helping to develop a Personal Career Plan looking at short, medium and long term goals
  • Access to self-assessments – enabling them to identify strengths and areas of development
  • myCareerPath – an online platform with access to hundreds of e-learning materials and job finding tools
  • Expert guidance on how to build a powerful and impactful CV – including advice on how to frame a gap in employment, or how to showcase skills if they have moved roles frequently due to postings
  • Signposting of excellent employment support and training opportunities provided by trusted organisations – meaning you never miss an opportunity

Extended Application Window

The application window has been extended to 31st March 2021, giving partners further opportunity to sign up to this fantastic programme.

Partner Programme Members' Facebook Community

Based on the feedback of partners already on the programme, we've set up a PCSP members-only Facebook group to serve as a community which is perfect for additional support, feedback and sharing ideas with other people on the programme. We know the military community is tight, and we believe this is another way we can help each other, share our experiences, network and importantly, ask for help from others who share some of the same situations.

We'd love you to be included, so hit this link, join the community, and get connected!

PCSP Virtual Employment Event Feedback

"The PCSP Virtual Employment Event was very useful in providing pathways to opportunities and showing how to highlight yourself as a military spouse looking for opportunities."

"I have gained a lot from the employment event and it has boosted my confidence to apply for roles."

"I recently attended the CTP Employers Event and found it to be incredibly helpful. I’ve already applied for two roles in Singapore, and linked in with the guest speaker who has offered to look into the application process and help me with networking."