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Launching our brand-new Resettlement Guides

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Launching our brand-new Resettlement Guides We are delighted to announce the publication of our brand new and updated Resettlement Guides. Each guide has been given a refreshing new look; designed to provide you with easy-to-follow and up-to-date information that answers all the questions you may have throughout your resettlement journey.

As you move through your resettlement, you’ll be able to easily navigate between guides and discover insightful tips, resources and practices to help you enjoy a more seamless transition. And there’s nothing stopping you skipping to a guide you find most relevant information, or returning to a previously viewed guide further down the line. These resources are here to help you throughout the entirety of your journey.

So, whether you’re looking for advice on preparing for interviews, information on the job market within a particular industry, or want to take your LinkedIn profile and networking to the next level – our new Resettlement Guides have got you covered.

We've also housed these guides on a much-easier-to-find landing page, that also incorporates our Regional Employment Bulletins and Industry Sector Guides. Now you can access everything in one place.

In order to access the full library of resources, simply login to your MyPlan account and get started.

Click here to head over and check out our new Resettlement Guides