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Introducing myCareerPath

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Introducing myCareerPath As part of our continued enhancement of the support we offer to our Service leavers and for you to get the very most out of your resettlement, we have just launched an exciting new, innovative platform called myCareerPath.

This is a fantastic, interactive and intuitive tool that structures a learning pathway to meet the needs of individuals in their resettlement decision-making.

What can myCareerPath
do for me?

Starting with taking a self-assessment or as we like to call it, your Career Pulse, you’ll be able to identify the areas where you are most – and least - confident when it comes to your career. Once you have your Career Pulse report, you will be able to utilise the learning programmes and career assessments within myCareerPath to build on your strengths and address your areas for development.

myCareerPath will also give you access to hundreds of e-learning courses focussed on developing your career and workplace skills.

If you are searching for employment, you can utilise the job-search engine within myCareerPath to search millions of jobs to find your perfect opportunity. If you are already in a career and want to progress, the programmes on areas such as business management, leadership and change will be of benefit.

Also embedded within the platform is our CV builder, myCV. You can upload your CV into myCV or use it to create one from scratch. From there it will be scored against more than 50 checks and you will get a personalised report and feedback – both from myCV and from your Career Consultant.

Finally, when you are invited to that all-important interview, whether in a brand-new organisation or for promotion, our Interview Simulator tool will help you practise and prepare.

In summary, myCareerPath provides:

  • A wide variety of career assessments to better understand motivations, preferences and values.
  • Access to hundreds of e-learning courses focussed on career development their career, personal and workplace skills.
  • Flexibility for Service leavers to use it in their own time, at their own pace, enhancing their employability.
  • An updated CV Builder and a new CV Reviewer tool where Service leavers can upload their CV and it will be scored, using AI technology, against more than 50 checks aligned with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which are frequently used by employers. Once they have built and/or uploaded their CV they will get a personalised report and feedback. Further review can also be done in conjunction with their Career Consultant.
  • Cover letter builder to create compelling letters quickly and easily.
  • LinkedIn networking tool to research companies by location and access employer profiles.
  • Assessment centre tool to find out how they work and how to prepare for attending one.
  • Elevator pitch builder to help create an engaging 60 second pitch about yourself.
  • Plus much more!