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The value a Service leaver brings to Baker Hughes

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The value a Service leaver brings to Baker Hughes Newcastle-based Mark Ward is a Royal Artillery (Army) Veteran and a HSE specialist for OFE’s Flexible Pipe Solutions-Offshore product line. Read on to learn more about his role at Baker Hughes, how his military experience prepared him for his second career, and why he thinks you should get involved in the Veterans Employee Resource Group (ERG), whether or not you’ve served.

What does a typical day at work look like for you these days?

"I’ve been with the company for three and a half years now, and I can honestly say that as a HSE specialist, no two days are the same. From day-to-day inspections to full-site audits, it’s a job that keeps you busy. I’m the site’s lead for the Veterans ERG, Newcastle’s mental health first aid lead, and the management of change HSE representative – all while chairing the monthly ‘journey to pressure safety excellence programme’."

How did you find your way to Baker Hughes from the Army?

"Coming from a military background and moving into a corporate job with Baker Hughes was daunting at first. I remember being in the last few months of resettlement, receiving my pass certificates from NEBOSH and applying for an intern role with GE Oil & Gas through its Career Transition Programme. It was the first interview I’d had in almost 14 years. I remember in the lead-up to it, trying to predict what questions they were going to ask and how I would answer them - wondering how I would translate my military experience to civilian terms. But I must’ve done or said something right because I was asked to join the company for a one-month internship. Once my foot was in the door, I knew I had to make a good impression, so I set about looking for ways to improve health and safety and leave my mark… and I’m still here today!"

How did your experience in the Army translate to success in a corporate role?

"When I saw the intern opportunity, I knew that working for such a large, well-known company would look good on my CV. The role was for experience only, no pay, and the expectation was that there would not be a job for me at the end of the month-long programme; so I needed to use my time wisely and gain all the knowledge I could. I knew if I wanted to get noticed I had to be different and stand out, so I decided to show the same values that were instilled into me as a soldier.

"You may not realise it just yet, but a military career provides you with a lot of experience through courses, mandatory training, leadership classes, and operational tours. What you probably don’t have is a piece of paper saying you know how to do those things. I understood that I needed to prove myself by demonstrating my military values and relating them to the task at hand. And when I did that, I got noticed. My military experience is what made me stand out and got me where I am today."

What would you say to someone who was considering getting involved in the Veterans ERG?

"I would encourage anyone and everyone to join the ERG. If you’re thinking about hiring Service leavers, please reach out to the Veterans ERG - you won’t regret it. The thing ex-military personnel are looking for, like myself, is a chance. It doesn’t matter if they’re Army, Navy, or RAF—they’ll come to you with knowledge and experience that is second-to-none."

Working with CTP

"We’re proud to work closely with the Career Transition Partnership to support Service leavers through their transition into civilian life, and a selection of our vacancies are advertised on their online job portal, RightJob. You’ll also find us at upcoming CTP Employment Fairs!"

You can find a selection of our Roles on RightJob by clicking here.