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Job opportunities within the Ministry of Justice (HMPPS)

Category: Job Finding

Job opportunities within the Ministry of Justice (HMPPS) The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and its directorate, Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS) have recently developed their relationship with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), to help promote the vast number of opportunities that are available to Service leavers who want to continue working for the Government after their active service within the military has finished.

MoJ has partnered with CTP to directly promote job opportunities, from across England and Wales to the CTP community by advertising our key roles on the CTP’s online job board, RightJob. MoJ currently employs 75,237 staff and in 2020 recruited 14,000 staff in a mixture of operational and non-operational roles. In the next 12 months we intend to recruit an additional 800 Prison officers and a similar number of OSGs into the department. In conjunction with International Women’s Day on 8th March 2021, we’re also looking for more applications from female veterans to work in our women’s prisons.

The roles we advertise through RightJob are mainly our operational roles which are based across the 105 publicly owned prisons and our network of probation premises across England and Wales. The roles we’re recruiting for are known as our ‘volume recruitment roles’. We recruit to these positions in large numbers throughout the year. However, the specific sites we recruit to will vary depending on their staffing needs.

We’re currently recruiting across the country to the following roles

  • Operational support grade (OSG) A support role working within Prisons: Starting salary £20,598 (National), £23,787 (Outer London), £25,451 (Inner London).
  • Prison officer Starting salary £24,118 (National), £27,118 (South & South East), £30149 (Outer London), £31,728 (Inner London)
  • Instructional officer An instructional role based within prisons, teaching offenders practical skills: Starting salary £18,449 (National)
  • Prison caterer Food preparation/cooking roles based within prison: Starting salary £22,851 (National), £25,722 (Outer London), £27,719 (Inner London)
  • Youth justice worker Specialised prison officer type role based within Young Offender Institutions: Starting salary 23,529 (National), £28,529 (South & South East), £31,485 (Outer London)
  • Probation services officer Working with and overseeing offenders in the community upon their release: Starting salary £22,261 plus London weighting of £3889, where this applies.
Recruitment is always ‘switched on’ for these roles and due to the large number of people we hire, the assessment methods we use and our training capacity, the time it takes to recruit candidates for these roles is longer than it would be for standard recruitment. On average it takes 9-12 months to recruit a prison officer from an application being submitted to the applicant’s first day. For an OSG this process can take between 4-6 months. Therefore, we would encourage those who are leaving the military to look at our roles and apply for them as early as possible. We can also arrange for a delayed start date, up to around 18 months from the date the application is submitted.

To find out more about roles within prisons and probations, please visit prison & probation jobs, have a look at our Facebook page, or contact your CTP adviser who can put you through to us directly. In addition, we’re currently recruiting for a Prison Officer role on RightJob - National Campaign + N345401.

We also have a number of vacancies for support roles available.