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Future Maritime Support Programme contracts awarded to support Royal Navy

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Future Maritime Support Programme contracts awarded to support Royal Navy DE&S and our sister organisation, the Submarine Delivery Agency, have awarded contracts to industry worth £5.2-billion over the next five years, to deliver a complete package of maritime support to the Royal Navy.

The move sees 1,600 jobs supported at HMNB Clyde in Scotland, 5,600 at HMNB Devonport in Plymouth and 2,050 at HMNB Portsmouth. In addition, 150 roles at DE&S and the Submarine Delivery Agency will be sustained at their headquarters in Bristol. The contracts have been awarded under the Future Maritime Support Programme (FMSP), a project designed to drive major improvements in performance and efficiency through an ambitious commercial and procurement strategy. FMSP delivers a contractual framework for the operation of the three Naval Bases and the upkeep and maintenance of the Navy’s complex warships and submarines.

This includes all frigates, destroyers, the two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, as well as all classes of submarines. It also includes responsibility for Naval Base services including along-side engineering and maintenance services, management of warehousing and distribution, personnel accommodation, catering and recreational facilities such as gyms and football pitches. The all-encompassing programme should mean Navy personnel benefit from enhanced services and facilities and enjoy a better life experience while stationed on base or while operating at sea.

DE&S FMSP Head, John Farrow, said: “The delivery of FMSP, the largest and most complex MOD support contract ever attempted, is a brilliant achievement. Collaborative working between DE&S and SDA teams, the Royal Navy and industry encouraged fresh ideas and concepts, and it was this agile approach that has resulted in a programme that has transformed the wider maritime sector.”

FMSP replaces the Maritime Support Delivery Framework (MSDF) and Submarine Deep Maintenance Period (SDMP) contracts. Under the terms of the new FMSP contract a new operating model has been implemented alongside a new management information and reporting system. This will ensure the MOD can easily monitor the contract, accurately assess supplier performance and ensure delivery of real benefits to Defence.

DE&S CEO Sir Simon Bollom, said: “FMSP represents four years of hard work from DE&S, the Royal Navy and industry to transform the dockyard enterprise. The scope is broad, from mess catering and warehousing through to complex engineering. These new contracts are a huge step forward, and will improve service delivery and drive increased value for money for the taxpayer.”

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Case Study: Delivering the World-leading Protector Aircraft

For the UK’s Armed Forces, remotely-piloted aircraft are vital. Why? Because they can be flown from afar, keeping crews away from the front line as they undertake Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions. One such aircraft is Protector: a cutting-edge system we’ve helped to deliver for the RAF, capable of flying up to 40 hours anywhere in the world, all while being operated from the UK. It’s the first of its kind: a fully-certified, remotely-piloted air system that’s able to fly in civilian airspace, meaning it can also be used to support operations such as search and rescue. Plus, there’s all the ground-breaking tech – Protector is controlled entirely over satellite link and has next-generation equipment on board. So yes, it may be a world-first, but for us, it’s just the beginning of much, much more.

“Modern innovation is about collaboration: learning lessons from each other, and sharing knowledge and experience. The difference for us is that, by being innovative and delivering world-leading capabilities, we’re keeping people in the Armed Forces safe.” – James, Head of the Future Capability Group

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