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CTP Live Chats and Webinars

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CTP Live Chats and Webinars CTP may not be able to see you face-to-face at the moment, but we are still very much here to support you in this time of uncertainty. We have developed a series of modular webinars to enable you to access all the tools, advice and guidance you need to continue on your resettlement journey even though your Transition workshops may have been put on hold.

We kick off on Friday 3rd April with a Live Chat where you can join our Career Consultants, supported by our Training and Employment teams, who will offer impartial advice on your current situation and plans. Read more below...

Live Chat – Afternoon Tea with CTP

As the global landscape changes, you may be wondering how you are going to adapt. Are you concerned about your options and your career direction and perhaps unsure of your resettlement pathway? Come in, pull up a chair and talk to us.

The Career Consultants, Training and Employment teams will be online to listen, advise and guide you through your options and help you map out and plan a successful transition.

No matter where you are on this journey we can help you move forward.

Navigating the CTP Website

Are you aware of how many resources and tools are available to you through the CTP website which can help to keep the momentum going in your transition? This webinar is designed to help you navigate your way around to get the most out of it.

There is a large amount of information, support and intelligence available including Career Assessment activities, Resettlement and Industry Sector guides, Employer focus pages, Events and Right Job; your bespoke jobs board, filled with a variety of opportunities from a wide range of employers. Set up your profile which will help us match you to roles and help us to inform you of relevant events to help you in your research 

Please note: For all webinars, you will need to ensure that your computer/tablet/phone will be able to run the Webex software or App prior to attending the event. A separate phone line is also required. Details are provided in the joining instructions.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the event. It's all about participating, engaging and learning from each other as well as receiving timely advice from our experienced facilitators.

Here's our list of webinars

Obtaining the right outcome for you is not a destination, it is a journey. Understanding yourself, identifying what you want and what you offer is crucial in establishing the right outcome.

This webinar supports you by exploring what drives you, interests you, helps you to identify your skills and qualities and begins to discover and analyse the options and opportunities open to you.

At a time when change is happening fast and furious, it is also important to understand the effects of change. We can help you find strategies to cope with this and enable you to focus on the future and be proactive in moving forward.
Your CV is your marketing document and therefore it is important that it stands out from the crowd.

The session will focus on CV format, content and the importance of aligning the document to the needs of the employer. It will also inform you on how to demonstrate your capability and potential with the use of impactful achievement statements.

It will also include top tips on how to break through the automated tracking systems that many employers use to sift CVs

Approaching the Market

So, are you ready to launch? How do you find that ideal job? Where do you look? Who do you ask? What strategies can you put in place?

We explore the different routes to market, the importance of networking and help you adopt the right marketing approach to your job search.

This webinar gives you the tools to plan your campaign, take action and explore different avenues.

Interview Success - Webinar

You’ve made it, you have got through the final sift and now have been invited to interview! Now what? How do you prepare?

This webinar gives you top tips and guidance on how best to conduct yourself at interview, so that you feel confident and prepared.

Topics covered:
  • Purpose of an interview
  • Types of interview
  • Preparation
  • Questions
  • Negotiation